Shape Glow

Shape Glow (Grayscale)

In: Filters/Effects



Creates a soft glow around an input mask (for the grayscale version) or a shape with an alpha channel (for the color version). Compared to Glow, this works in ways more similar to other 2D image editing software, as it is a more complete effect with more controls.


  • ModeSoft, Precise
    Switches between two accuracy modes.
  • Width-1.0 - 1.0
    Controls how far the glow reaches.
  • Spread0.0 - 1.0
    Cut-off / treshold for the blurring effect, makes the glow appear solid close to the shape.
  • Opacity0.0 - 1.0
    Blending Opacity for the glow effect.
  • (Shadow) Color(Color value)
    Color tint to be applied to the glow.
  • Mask Color(Color value) (Grayscale Version Only)
    Solid color to be used for the transparency mapped output.
  • Input Is Pre-MultipliedFalse/True (Color Version Only)
    Whether the input should be assumed as pre-multiplied.
  • Pre-Multiply OutputFalse/True 
    Whether the output should be pre-multiplied.