Send To

Adobe Substance 3D Designer has interoperability with Substance 3D Sampler, Substance 3D Painter and Substance 3D Player. It allows you to send you work over quickly, without the slower Publishing workflow for SBSAR files. Send To always uses the SBSAR filetype to send your content from Designer.

Send To functionality is only available for the Adobe version of Substance 3D Designer, it is not available in the Steam version.

The workflow is usually as following:

  1. Set Type attribute
  2. Send To application of choice
  3. Make changes to graph
  4. Resend to update with your changes.

Set Type Attribute

Substance Graphs can have many functionalities. You will have to define in advance what the exact functionality of a Graph is, to make sure it can be sent over properly. In the Attributes of a graph, there is a Type option, with a dropdown that has the following options:

  • Unspecified is the default type if you have not set it. Depending on what application you send to, it might be interpreted differently. Painter will default to Material for example.
  • Standard Material is for multi-channel PBR materials, with properly labeled outputs.
  • Decal Material is for a multi channel PBR material with alpha channel, to be applied as Decal in Substance 3D Painter or Sampler.
  • Atlas Material is for a multi-channel PBR material consisting of several atlas images, for use with the Atlas Scatter node in Designer or Sampler.
  • Filter is for general-purpose filters, both used in Painter or Sampler.
  • Mesh-Based Generator is for multi-input mask generators. This is used only by Painter.
  • Texture Generator is for single-channel maps, like 2D procedurals and noises.
  • Environment Light is for a single-channel Lighting Environment, used to light scenes and objects.
  • Light texture is for a single channel texture applied to a physical Light.

Send To ...

There are two ways to Send to. Both require you to select a package first.

  • Right Click on a package and choose Send To, then choose an application.
  • Click on the  Send button at the top of the Explorer, then choose Send To option.

Keep in mind Send To is not instant. Depending on your content, it can take a while before your asset shows up.

Resend to ...

You have to explicitly choose to update a package that has been sent before.

This can only be done from the tool buttons atop the Explorer Window, in two ways:

  • Click the Send button, choose Resend to .. in the menu.
  • or Click Resend button to the right, to use previous target. The icon depends on your target.

If you do not use Resend, but instead use Send To on the same asset, you will create duplicate entries in your target application.


You might get errors sending packages, such as Error sending package to Substance Painter. Check the console for details. SBSAR export failed.

This usually is because of standard error and warnings, fix them to solve the issue:

  • No output nodes defined in your graph. Add output nodes and connect something to them.
  • Missing or broken variables in Get nodes in functions. Track them down by yellow warning badges on nodes.