SceneTree rasterization

In: Substance Model graph/Modeling



The SceneTree rasterization node generates a mesh with a custom uniform vertex density, and which shape matches all meshes from an input Scene which fit a specified bounding box. Only the parts of the input meshes facing a specified axis most are rasterized.


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  • Scene tree parameters

  • Source geometry Scene
    The input Scene holding the meshes which should be rasterized – i.e. used as reference to generate the rasterized mesh
  • Bounding box Scene
    The input Scene which bounding box should be used to determine which meshes or part of meshes from the Source geometry input Scene should be rasterized
  • Direction

    • Chosen axis Integer
      Only the parts of the meshes which face the specified axis most are rasterized
  • Resolution Integer
    The vertex density of the generated rasterized mesh

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