Scene (Asset loader)

In: Drag 3D Scene resource into Graph View



The Scene (or Asset loadernode is a special node which is not available in the Library. Its purpose is to create and output a Scene out of a 3D Scene resource in a package.To create this node, you need to drag and drop3D Scene resource from a package in the Explorer panel, or a 3D Mesh Item from the Library panel – which will then be automatically added to the current package as a 3D Scene resource.

The node loads the 3D Scene resource matching the path in its Resource URL property, and outputs it as an Item of a Scene. This Item will be a standard Mesh or a SubD mesh depending on the value of the As Subd property.


  • Resource URL String
    The path of the loaded 3D Scene resource
  • As Subd Boolean
    Controls whether the mesh in the output Scene is a Mesh or a SubD mesh

Example Images