Sample Substance compositing graphs


This page lists sample Substance 3D Designer files available to download. These projects include annotated graphs which present fundamental tools and concepts of Substance compositing graphs.


This project features a simple graph setup to be used as a filter in other graphs. Filters are nodes which modify and/or blend one or more input images.


This project demonstrates the inheritance methods available in Substance compositing graphs to propagate important image information such as resolution and bitdepth across nodes in a graph.

You can learn about inheritance in this page of our documentation.

Pixel processor

The Pixel processor node is one of the most complex yet powerful nodes in Designer, and understanding its workings unlocks a significant amount of power and flexibility in your graphs, which enables you to create more varied custom nodes.

This project demonstrates two simple uses cases for the Pixel processor: as a generator and a a filter. It is also a stepping stone to doing more with function graphs.