Porting previous plugins

Because of the changes done to support Qt for Python, previous plugins won't work anymore.
In particular, please note the following:

Plugin loading and unloading

Plugins are now loaded when the application starts and are unloaded when it exits.
As such, it's not necessary for plugins to inherit from 'sdplugins.Plugin' anymore.

For more information, check the Plugin basics section.

Creating user interface elements

Plugins don't need to define a 'sdplugins.PluginDesc' anymore.
Instead, plugins can use the new UI manager object and Qt for Python to create any user interface elements they need.

You can find small code samples in the Creating user interface elements section.

Replacing uses of Location Context

The 'SDLocationContext' class has been removed from the Python API.
Plugins can use the UI manager object to access the currently active graph and selection.

You can find some examples in the Accessing graphs and selections section.