PBR Render Mapping

PBR Render Mapping (Color/Grayscale)

In: Material Filters/PBR Utilities



This is an extension node for the PBR Render node, that allows you to map a separate texture onto the shape from a previous PBR Render. Its main goal is to let you remap each separate channel from your PBR Render, back onto the shape, to create composite map-channel breakdowns, as in the examples below. You're free to create your own composite method and masks by using the PBR Render Mapping nodes as component.

Color and Grayscale version exist for the two types of data: use color for diffuse maps, use grayscale for roughness, metal and other grayscale maps.


  • TextureColor/Grayscale Input
    Texture to map onto shape.
  • UVsColor Input
    Mandatory UV-data input from a PBR Render node.


  • Background Color(Color value)
    Set a solid color value to use in the background.

Example Images

Example is a composite of four different PBR Render Mapping nodes, using a Histogram Select on a Linear gradient as masks.