PBR BaseColor / Metallic Validate

PBR BaseColor / Metallic Validate

In: Material Filters/PBR Utilities



A utility node that generates a Good-to-Bad "Heatmap" on which values are correct or incorrect according to PBR standards.

It is very useful as a learning tool for PBR, since it provides very clear visual feedback of what the mistakes are and where they can be found.

Don't use this as the end-all-tool, but still make sure you always have a clear understanding of why you're breaking any rules this tool might highlight.


  • Validation ModeAlbedo , Metal, Combined
    Sets wether to check only Albedo, Metal, or both combined as an overview mode.
  • Albedo Dark Range Threshold50 sRGB, 30 sRGB
    Sets the lower Albedo limit to either 50 or 30 sRGB. Can decrease or increase tolerance for red areas.
  • Metal Reflectance Range70-100% Reflective, 60-100% Reflective
    Changes Metallic range to be deemed correct. Can decrease or increase tolerance for red areas.
  • Overlay MapFalse/True
    Quick debug mode to overlay input maps, allows for quicker tracking down of problem areas.

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