PBR Albedo Safe Color

PBR Albedo Safe Color

In: Material Filters/PBR Utilities



This is a utility node that makes corrections if Basecolor or Diffuse values are outside an acceptable, PBR-correct range. When set to Metallic, the node also attempts to correct Basecolor values based on Metallic intensity.

Also see PBR BaseColor / Metallic Validate for visual feedback on which areas might be wrong.

This is useful as a quick correction tool, especially when one is still learning PBR, but not intended as an absolute measure that is always supposed to be correct.


  • PBR WorkflowBase Color - Metallic, Diffuse - Specular
    Switches between two different PBR workflows.
  • Tolerance0.0 - 1.0
    Amount of tolerance for values that are out-of-range.

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