Parameters not working as expected

This page lists common causes for parameters not working as expected in Substance 3D Designer, and offers troubleshooting steps for each.

Parameter missing in Preview mode and published Substance 3D asset (SBSAR)

(error) Issue

Some exposed parameters for a graph are not listed when using Preview mode in Designer, or in the parameters list of Substance 3D assets (SBSAR) published out of that graph.

(tick) Recommended steps

The missing parameters are likely static parameters, which cannot be edited on-the-fly after the graph has been cooked – i.e., processed in order to run its algorithm quickly and efficiently. Cooking occurs in Designer every time the graph is edited or published. Parameters impacted by such limitations are listed in the Limitations section of the Exposing a parameter page of this documentation.

As such, static parameters are visible and editable in Designer, but are hidden in a published Substance 3D asset. You may use Preview mode to see these limitations in effect before publishing to a Substance 3D asset.