In: Atomic Nodes



The Normal node converts an input grayscale map to a tangent-space Normal map output. It has a few user options to set intensity and encoding.

It is a very useful node that is used often to convert height map inputs to normal maps for realtime-ready materials. There are alternatives to be found in Normal Sobel and Height To Normal World Units.


  • Intensity: 0-unlimited
    Sets how intense the input height map is interpreted for converting to normals. Depending on input maps, values above 100 have little more effect.
  • Normal Format: OpenGL/DirectX
    Sets how the Green (Y) channel is encoded. Basically a "Flip Green/Y" switch.
  • Alpha Channel Content: Fill Alpha With Input/Force Alpha To 1:
    Since SD5.0+ this allows for the Alpha channel to be set to solid, instead of using the Input as an additional Alpha.