Node Creation workflow

DL graphs introduce new concepts during the node creation process.

Pins & links Color & Shapes reference Coding

As MDL manipulates specific kinds of information, we had to define a specific color for each type of data.

Pins shapes

Square shape: varying value

Round shape: uniform value

Pins and links colors

  • Yellow: color type 
  • Grey: vector type
  • White: boolean type
  • Green: material type
  • Blue: bsdf (surface) type
  • Purple: vdf (volume) type
  • turquoise: edf (emission) type
  • Orange: texture type

Please note that the color specifies the general type of the input/output but two values of the same type are not necessary compatible (ex: a vector float 2, and a vector float 3)

Contextual node creation

MDL graphs offer two easy way to display a contextual node search list that will only show the nodes that are compatible with the selected pin:

  • Click & drag a link from the pin then release...
  • Or click once, move the mouse, then click again:

You then just have to (search &) select the node you want, as you would do with the regular search bar.