Mesh cleanup

In: Substance Model graph/Modification



The Mesh cleanup node analyses and modifies the geometry of input meshes to solve inconsistencies, optimise vertex density and smooth/breakup normals as specified.


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  • Input Scene Scene
    The input Scene holding the meshes which should be processed
  • Enforce Manifoldness Boolean
    This parameter modifies the geometry of the mesh as possible so it is manifold. Exceptions include meshes which do not feature closed volumes such as planes.
    Manifoldness refers to the consistency and cohesiveness of a mesh's geometry as a closed volume, and encompasses a series of properties such as segments connecting not less nor more than two faces, a closed mesh having no internal faces and two closed volumes not being connected by a single vertex. As a rule of thumb, non-manifold meshes break at least one of these properties and could not exist in the real world. As such, manifoldness is a critical criterion for 3D printing
  • Collapse Duplicated Vertices Boolean
    Collapses vertices sharing the same location into a single vertex which is connected to all vertices the original ones were connected to
  • Close Holes Boolean
    Extends concave borders, which number of segments exceeds a defined tolerance, with new geometry collapsed into a single point
  • Hole Tolerance Integer
    Sets the threshold for the number of segments beyond which a concave border is considered to a hole which should be closed
  • Split Long Edges Boolean
    Splits edges which length exceed a defined threshold into two or more connected edges of equal length. The additional vertices are connected as triangles to the surrounding geometry so as to preserve the integrity of the surface
  • Long Edge Tolerance Float
    Sets the threshold for the edge length beyond which edges should be split
  • Remove Short Edges Boolean
    Collapses connected edges which length is less than a defined tolerance into a single vertex which is connected to all vertices the collapsed edges were connected to
  • Short Edge Tolerance Float
    Sets the threshold for the edge length beneath which edges should be collapsed into vertices
  • Remove Degenerate Triangles Boolean
    Collapses degenerate triangles into a single edge – i.e. collapses one of the triangles' vertices into with another one
    Degenerate triangles have all three of their vertices on a same line and their area is thus zero
  • Compute Smooth Normals Boolean
    Overwrites the vertex normals with smoothed or broken up normals according to an angle threshold
  • Normal Tolerance Float
    Sets the threshold for the angle between adjacent faces, beyond which normals are smoothed across these faces

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