Link Creation Modes

This page describes the Link Creation Modes available in the Graph view of Substance 3D Designer.

Substance 3D Designer allows you to work in 3 different link creation modes in the graph:

  • Standard  (Legacy mode) - shortcut "1"
  • Compact - shortcut "2"
  • Compact Material   - shortcut "3"

You can switch between modes at any moment in the graph toolbar by clicking on the icon  or with shortcuts.

The modes



Compact Material

InputsAll inputs are visibleAll inputs are visibleOnly 1 input per group
OutputsAll outputs are visibleAll outputs are visibleOnly 1 output per group
LinksAll links are visibleAll link are visibleOnly 1 link per group (green)
ConnectionsYou connect links one by oneYou connect links together as
a multi-link material group
You connect links together as
a single-link material group.

Assigning Groups

You should assign groups to the inputs and outputs in order to use the Compact mode and Compact Material mode. You assign a group to an output or an Input Color/Greyscale in the Attributes parameters of the node, by filling a name in the Group textbox. A Group can be any string value, and links will be grouped if they share the exact same, case-sensitive Group name.

Link matching with usage

Once links are grouped, individual inputs need to be matched with outputs. This is done through the Usage attribute of inputs and outputs. If the usage between both input and output matches, a link will be created. If no matching usage is found, no link is made.