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The Lathe node generates a Mesh which geometry is the result of sweeping Curves around a specified axis.


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  • Curve Scene
    The input Scene holding the Curve(s) which will be swept

  • Segments Integer
    The number of Mesh segments generated as the input Curves are swept. This effectively controls the smoothness of the geometry
  • Start angle Float
    The angle at which the sweeping should start
  • End angle Float
    The angle at which the sweeping should end
  • Invert normals Boolean
    Specifies whether the normals should point outward or inward in the resulting geometry
  • Detach each result Boolean
    If more than one Curve is present in the Scene connected to the Curve input, the resulting geometry will be output as one Mesh Element per swept Curve (True) or one unified Mesh Element holding all swept geometry (False).
  • Scene tree params
  • Shape transform
    • Axis Scene
      The Scene holding the Basis which should be used as the rotation axis for the sweeping, considering sweeping is performed around this Basis' Y-axis.
    • Basis mode Integer
      The arrangement of the axes in the reference Basis

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