Installation via Command Line

We are using InnoSetup to generate the installer of Substance 3D Designer.
The whole set of parameters that can be used with the installer is available here : 

You should put the license file in the following folder by default: ProgramData/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/license.key

You can change this location with the following environment variable: SUBSTANCE_DESIGNER_LICENSE

Installing in Silent Mode (Via Command Line)

The flag to use to perform a silent install is "/SILENT". You can also use the "/NCRC" flag to skip the CRC (verification) of the package.

Example :

SubstanceDesigner_Installer.exe /NCRC /SILENT /DIR="C:\Installation\Folder\"

The installation path must be using single backslash character to separate folders, otherwise the InnoSetup installer will not recognize the path.