Get Nodes

Variable or "Get" nodes are a way to externally modify a value for use inside Functions. Unlike Constants, they can be modified externally.

What a Get node essentially does, is grab a dynamic Variable, and return it from the Get Nodes' output for use in a function. These Get nodes form the link between the Input Parameters defined in the Graph Properties, and the Functions being used inside Parameters

Every time you use a Get node, you must pick an available value from the dropdown menu. Get nodes will grab a value of the corresponding type. That means you will only see valid options in the menu of a Get node, you can never pick an invalid option. If a variable is not available, it means there's a type mismatch

There are a number of "System" Variables: pre-defined special variables that you can not declare yourself. These are quite important, and for the nodes below it is listed what System variables are available.

When a Parameter is exposed, the Function internally consists of only a Get node of the correct type.

Get Integers

Get Integer (1)

$Tiling: Returns the Node current tiling mode. 0: Relative to input, 1: Relative to Parent, 2: Absolute

stampIndex: Only used in Substance Painter with Dynamic Strokes.

stampCycleCount: Only used in Substance Painter with Dynamic Strokes.

Get Integer2

Get Integer3

Get Integer4


Get Float(1)

$time: This variable returns the time in seconds since the Substance rendering engine was started, it can be used to animate Substances in Substance Player.

$depth (FXmap only): Returns the octave (level) number of the FX-Map node. Allows behaviour according to level in the quad-tree.

$depthpow (FXmap only): As above, but returns 2 raised to the power of the octave. This is a helper value for certain common cases.

$number (FXMAP Iterate only): Returns the number of the drawn pattern. For Functions in an Iterate node to modify behavior at each iteration step. (Note starts counting from 0, not 1.)

Get Float2

$size: Returns the size of the current node (in pixels). Does not correspond to UI values in Base Parameters.

$sizelog2: As above, but returns the size as power-of-2 values (ex: for 2048*2048 image, $sizelog2 returns 11). Corresponds to UI values.

$pos (Pixel Processor and FXmap Only): Returns the birth position of the pattern. The result is always a value between 0 and 1. For a Pixel Processor this can be seen as "UV" coordinates.

Get Float3

Get Float4


Get Boolean

Get String