Fractal Sum Base

Fractal Sum Base

In: Generators/Noises



This generates a fractal noise with strong small-scale, pixel-level details and subtle higher frequency variation, plus lots of control to modify behaviour. It is similar to Clouds or BnW Spots, but more uniform and with less well-defined patterns in most cases.

A very useful node due to this subtle nature, ideal for blending in some subtle, pixel-level details. Additionally, its parameters make this node one of the most powerful and customisable noises available.


  • Roughness0.0 - 2.0
    Changes balance between large- and small-scale detail.
  • Global Opacity0.0 - 2.0
    Works like a global brightness control.
  • Min Level1 - 12
    Changes lower frequency for detail.
  • Max Level1 - 12
    Changes upper frequency for detail.
  • Non Square ExpansionFalse/True
    Enables compensation of squash and stretch with non-square ratios.

Example Images