Flood Fill to Index

Flood Fill to Index

In: Filters/Effects



Flood Fill to Index converts every Flood Fill cell to a value according to its index number, starting with 0 in the top left corner. It can be used to return grayscale tints in a normalised form (0.0 to 1.0, divided by as many cells as found by Flood Fill) or as an HDR, unclamped value (0 to n where n is the number of cells).

Additionally, Flood Fill to Index makes use of the new Value system, returning extra Values containing the amount of shapes found and the optional, internal data table.


  • Flood Fill Bbox: Color Input
    Standard Flood Fill input map. Required.
  • Special Shape Info: Color Input
    Extra Flood Fill map, needs to be explicitely enabled on previous Flood Fill node and is required to be connected!.


  • Output: Normalised, Integer
    Determine if out put is in LDR 0-1 range or HDR 0-n range.
  • Ignore Shape Smaller Than: 0.0 - 1.0
    Tolerance value for ignoring small shapes.
  • Show Flood Fill Data Table: False/True
    Returns extra (debug) data for advanced use.