Flood Fill to Grayscale/Color

Flood Fill to Random Grayscale/Color

In: Filters/Effects



Uses Flood Fill data to generate grayscale or color value swatches. Unlike Flood Fill to Random Grayscale, these two nodes allow more control to set the exact variation and tones, with an additional extra input map to determine the base value to randomize on a per-cell basis.

It's a powerfull system to give every cell a unique value or color, yet still retain control and base it off of a pre-determined input.



  • Flood Fill: Color Input
  • Grayscale/Color Input: Grayscale/Color Input


  • Luminance/Color Adjustment: -1.0 - 1.0
    Set the bias or base value for the node. When a Grayscale or Color input is used, this is used to change that initial value as a starting point.
  • Luminance/Color Random: -1.0 - 1.0
    Set the amount of variation.