Extract curves

In: Substance Model graph/Extraction



The Extract curves node lets you extract selection sets of edges in a SubD mesh into Curves, using the name – or tag – of the selection set.


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  • Input geometry

  • Subdivision mesh Scene
    The input Scene holding the SubD meshes which Curves should be extracted from
  • Edge filter

    • Edge filter String
      The name – or tag – of the selection set for the edges which should be sampled for Curve extraction. An empty string means no edge is sampled

      Only some 3D packages let you tag selection sets. For instance, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max and The Foundry's Modo support this feature
  • Curve sampling

    • Sample per face Integer
      The number of samples performed on individual edges. A higher value means a more accurate representation of the smoothed subdivided edge and thus a smoother path – if the SubD mesh is not infinitely sharp.

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