Emboss With Gloss

Emboss With Gloss

In: Filters/Effects



Performs an Embossing effect with added gloss (specular reflection) on a color and height input. Essentially adds fake, baked lighting to an image based on height information. Useful for some texturing styles that require lighting baked into the textures.

For a version with more options, see Uber Emboss. There's also the simpler, atomic version of Emboss.


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  • ColorColor Input 
  • HeightGrayscale Input 


  • Highlight Color(Color value)
    Color of the specular highlight.
  • Shadow Color(Color value)
    Color used in shadowed/unlit areas.
  • Gloss0.0 - 0.5
    Glossiness highlight size.
  • Intensity0.0 - 10.0
    Intensity of the highlight.
  • Light Angle0.0 - 1.0
    Incidence angle of the (faked) light.

Example Images