Edge Wear

Edge Wear

In: Mesh Based Generators/Mask Generators



Generates a black and white mask based on baked maps and user settings. Similar to Smart Masks in Painter.

This node represents wear on object edges. It has quite a few parameters, but is not the easiest to use: we recommend that you play around and get a feel for things. The node is quite powerful, although no custom override mask can be done.


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  • CurvatureGrayscale Input 
    Baked map used for internal effects and masking
  • Mask (optional)Grayscale Input 
    Mask slot used for masking the node's effects.


  • Level0.0 - 1.0
    Sets total spread of the effect.
  • Contrast0.0 - 1.0
    Adjusts the contrast of the result.
  • Threshold0.0 - 1.0
    Similar to Level, sets total spread of the effect.
  • Edges Width0.0 - 1.0
    Sets the fullness of the highlighting effect. Reduce to make them sparser.
  • Disorder0.0 - 1.0
    Sets the amount of noise to blend in to break up the smoothness.

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