Directional Warp

In: Atomic Nodes



The Directional Warp Node warps an input in a user-set direction, multiplied by a user-set Intensity map. It works similar to Warp, but then only in a specific direction.

The Warp node is a fairly simple but useful node that serves as a good basis for other more advanced effects. There are more advanced alternatives such as other related nodes of interest are Slope Blur and Vector Warp.


  • Input: Color/Grayscale
    Base map to which the warping will be applied. Can be color or grayscale.
  • Intensity Input: Grayscale
    Mandatory mask map that drives the intensity of the warping effect, must be grayscale.


  • Intensity: 0-unlimited
    Sets the intensity of the warp effect, how far to push pixels out.
  • Warp Angle: 0-360
    Sets the Angle or direction in which to apply the Warp effect.