Directional Blur

In: Atomic Nodes



The Directional Blur node in Substance 3D Designer performs a simple motion-blur like operation on an input. Unlike the regular Blur node, which blurs equally in all directions, the Directional blur works along a user-defined angle.

Similar to the Blur, it is also a faster, low-quality operation. A more extended, higher-quality alternative is provided in Anisotropic Blur, at the expense of computation performance.


  • Intensity1: 0-unlimited
    Sets the intensity or distance for the blur.
  • Angle: 0-360
    Sets the direction or angle along which to perform the blur.


Below shows the Directional Blur and the Anisotropic Blur on the same input shape, with similar parameters. Anisotropic Blur has been set to full Anisotropy and high quality.

Directional BlurAnisotropic Blur