Customizing your workspace

Substance 3D Designer provides different ways to adjust the interface in order to fit perfectly with your own workflow.

The Windows menu

The windows menu gives you an easy access to all the available within Designer. While most of them are displayed by default, you will see that there is few additional ones that can be useful in specific conditions.

Display/Hide a view

In order to display or hide a specific view, just click on its name in the Windows menu. If a view is already visible, a Check sign () will appear on its left.

Duplicating a view

The following view can be duplicated to display a different content. Just choose which view to duplicate in the Windows menu:

Another way that works for all the view is to  pin it. Once a view is pinned, you just have to select another element that is supposed to interact with this view, and a new one will be created.

Reset the interface

You can also reset completely the interface by clicking on Reset Layout:

Detach view

There is two ways to detach a view in Substance 3D Designer:

  • Click on the view title bar and drag the view.
  • Click on the the  Undock window icon located in the top right of the view.

Detach via the Title bar

Detach via the title bar is really handy, especially if you want to directly re-dock your view.

Just left click and drag the view: and a blue overlay will appear, to give a visual feedback, so you know where the view will be re-docked when you release the left button:

If you release the left button while outside of the interface, the view will be completely undocked from the interface.
Just drag it again over the interface to redock it, or click on the  Dock Window on the top right corner.

Detach via the Undock Window button

You can also detach any view by clicking on the  Undock window icon on top right of the view. Detaching the view this way, the view doesn't dock itself to the interface (unless you move it).

Maximize view

When you undock a view, a new icon appears on the top right that will  maximize the view, so it occupies the full screen.
To get back to the original size, just click the  icon.

Close view

You can close view by clicking on the  icon located on the top right of the view.