Crash when rendering graphs

This page lists crashes occurring during the graph rendering process in Substance 3D Designer, and offers troubleshooting steps for each.

TDR (Windows only)

(error) Issue

The system's Timeout Detection & Recovery (TDR) timer is too short to let Substance 3D Designer finish its current computations before the graphics driver is restarted.

Computations performed by Substance 3D Designer can be very intensive and use the graphics drivers to a degree which it does not respond to the operating system for a while.
As a stability and security measure, the operating system restarts the graphics driver, cutting the computations short and resulting in Substance 3D Designer crashing.

(tick) Recommended steps

The TDR timer values needs to be increased to prevent such crashes. You can do this by following the instructions in this page of Substance 3D Painter's documentation, which apply to Substance 3D Designer as well.