Control nodes

This page describes nodes of Function graphs which purpose is controlling the flow of execution.

The If... Else node

Like in programming langages, the If... Else node introduces the possibility to filter the result according to predefined conditions.

You will use this node in conjunction with the Logical nodes and the Comparison nodes that will help you build the condition to check.


The first input is set to receive a boolean: this will be the condition that will be checked (which obviously will be true or false).

The middle input will be the output result if the condition is True.

The last input will be the output result if the condition is False.

The Sequence node

The Sequence node will be used when you want to output a variable that you have into your graph. The branch plugged into the first input is executed first

This variable can then be "caught" and used in another graph, but with some restrictions:

  • The graph should control a parameter of the same node
  • The graph that is catching the variable, should control a parameter located below the parameter where the variable is set.

Note that the variable will not be automatically added to the variables list of the Get node: you have to add it manually.

You may learn more about the Sequence node in the Using the Set/Sequence nodes page of this documentation.