Cannot load a project

Application is too old to open URL


The Substance 3D file (SBS) is being loaded by a version of Substance 3D Designer which does not support its format. The Substance 3D file was likely saved in a more recent version of the software which uses an updated format for these files.

As Substance 3D Designer evolves, so does the Substance 3D file format (SBS). More often than not, a new version of the software will need to update your files so they can support the latest features.

You are prompted to perform this update when loading the file for the first time in a new version. If the file is saved after the update was applied, its format version changes as well. At this point, it can no longer be loaded in previous versions of Substance 3D Designer.
This limitation also applies to the Substance Player.

Recommended steps

First, check that you are using the latest version of Substance 3D Designer which your current license allows. Here are the points of access to updates for each edition:

  • Adobe Substance 3D subscription: go to the Updates section of the Apps tab in the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application
  • subscription: update when prompted in Substance 3D Designer, or download the latest installer in the My Licenses section of the website
  • Steam: the application will auto-update by default. You can manually trigger the update by starting Substance 3D Designer, or going to the Downloads screen

Make sure you will not need to load your files in a previous version of Substance 3D Designer before saving a file which was updated.
Alternatively, you can make a copy of your file before loading it in a new version of Substance 3D Designer, so you always have a file to go back to if you need to use a previous version of the software.