In: Atomic Nodes



The Blur Node performs a "box-blur" operation: averaging the values of pixels over a set distance, resulting in a fuzzy, unsharp look. It provides the simplest, fastest and most basic blurring operation available in Designer.

While blur works well for fast, simple operations, such as slightly softening some edges, in any more demanding scenario Blur HQ is a better choice, trading off performance for quality.


  • Intensity: 0-unlimited
    Sets the intensity or distance for the blur. The number is not capped, but at high values the entire image turns to a averaged color.

Below Example shows this node's Blur on the left, versus Blur HQ on the right, when using high values (50 in this case). At values of around 1-2 the difference is not noticeable.

Blur (Atomic)Blur HQ