Bevel (Filter Node)


In: Filters/Effects



Peforms an edge-beveling effect on an input grayscale Heightmap. Returns both beveled Heightmap and Normalmap based on that Heightmap.

This is a useful node for applying exact curve profiles on an ideally binary (high contract black/white), basic Heightmap.


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  • inputGrayscale Input 
    Heightmap to convert.
  • Custom CurveGrayscale Input 
    Gradient that determines the exact curve/slope. Ideally a Gradient Linear node, on which you can perform any kind of adjustment such as Levels or Curves. Only active when "Use Custom Curve" is True.


  • Distance-1.0 - 1.0
    How far the bevel effect should reach.
  • Corner TypeRound, Angular
    Whether the beveling profile should be rounded or straight.
  • Smoothing0.0 - 5.0
    How much additional smoothing (blurring) to perform after the bevel.
  • Use Non-Uniform BlurFalse/True
    Whether smoothing should be done non-uniformly.
  • Use Custom CurveFalse/True
    Toggles use of your own custom height curve. See above for more info.
  • Normal Intensity0.0 - 50.0
    Intensity of the generated Normalmap.
  • Normal FormatDirectX, OpenGL
    Switch between different Normalmap formats (inverts the Green channel).

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