Best Practices

In specific areas it makes sense to pay extra attention regarding organisation, efficiency, performance and filesize. This section covers a few of these specific cases

Filesize Reduction Guidelines

In some cases the total filesize of Substance Archives (SBSAR) can be an important factor. This page covers a few critical areas and settings to keep in mind when trying to reduce SBSAR filesize.

Graph Creation Etiquette

Creating large, complex graphs can quickly get confusing and become hard to navigate. A number of tools can be used to alleviate these issues, and there are some good habits to get in to, to avoid issues later on. This page provides a conclusive list of techniques we recommend using for clean, efficient, functional Graphs that are easily shared and understood.

Performance Optimization Guidelines

The more complex your Substance graphs are, the more processing power you need to render them. You should try to strike a balance between complexity and rendering speed.