BaseColor / Metallic / Roughness converter

BaseColor / Metallic / Roughness converter

In: Material Filters/PBR Utilities



This node converts Basecolor, Metallic and Roughness maps to different PBR model outputs, such as Specular/Glossiness model. Some of the included output targets are well-known render engines such as Vray, Corona, Redshift, Renderman and Arnold.

This is useful if you have graphs or materials that are made with one model of PBR, while your target requires a different model.


  • Use SpecularLevel inputFalse/True
    Exposes an extra input slot to SpecularLevel input. This is also taken into account during conversion.
  • TargetPBR Diffuse/Specular/Gloss, Vray (GGX), Corona, Corona 1.6+, Redshift 1.x, Arnold 4 (AiStandard), Arnold 4 (AlSurface), RenderMan (PxrSurface)
    Sets the conversion target model.

Example Images