Bakers Legacy Interface

Here is the description of the baker interface available in versions before 6.0.4.


The baker panel is divided in 4 parts:

1: Scene

Let you define which part of the mesh is involved in the baking process.

New in version 6, you can also select by material:

2: Bakers

By pressing the  button, you can add the desired bakers to the processing list

Bakings are processed following the list order (from top to bottom): this may be important if you want to reuse the result of a bake (like the normal map) in another baking process

Clicking on the "+" in the bakers layout lets you add the bakers in a stack (You can put as many bakers as you want in a stack).


You can remove a baking process from the list by pressing 

You can reorder the baking process list by selecting a baking process and using 

3: Bakers parameters

This section displays the specific options for the current selected baker.

4: Common Parameters

Displays the parameters that are shared between bakers.

By default, changing one of these parameters; will affect all the bakers, except if you check Override Parameters, common to all bakers: in that case, the changes will be local to the current baker.

  • The Resource Name field lets you change the name of the generated bitmap, if desired.
  • The File Format drop-down list lets you change file format from the default (Windows or OS/2 Bitmap format, "BMP").
  • The Place resource into a mesh specific folder check-box lets you choose whether the generated bitmap is stored at the same level as the model, or inside a new sub-folder named "Resources".
  • The Method lets you define whether the new bitmap resource should be linked or embedded into the Substance package.
  • The Folder lets you define where to save the maps.

Pressing the OK button at the bottom right of the bakers window will start the baking process.

New in version 6: you can now cancel the baking process with the cancel button: