Accessing graphs and selections

The SDApplication class contains some helpful methods that let you access the currently active graph , and the current selection within it.

Get the current graph and selection
import sd

# Get the application and UI manager object.
ctx = sd.getContext()
app = ctx.getSDApplication()
uiMgr = app.getQtForPythonUIMgr()

# Get the current graph.
g = uiMgr.getCurrentGraph()
print("The current graph is %s" % g)

# Get the currently selected nodes.
selection = uiMgr.getCurrentGraphSelection()
for node in selection:
	print("Node %s" % node)

A graph displayed in a specific Graph View can be accessed using a graphViewID .

This method is useful when creating custom graph view toolbars. The Creating Toolbars in Graph Views ’ sample in the Creating user interface elements chapter provides further details.