Frequently asked Questions

Q: My maps comes out in the wrong resolution when rendering them using sbsrender

This typically happens if the substance network is not configured to have its output size set to relative to parent.
In order to check if this is the case.

  1. Open the SBS file in Substance Designer
  2. Double click in an empty space of the graph editor to select the root node
  3. Make sure Output Size is set to relative to parent and width and height is set to 0 (Parent x 1)

Another caveat is that when a network is set to be relative to parent it will render at 256x256 unless you specify $outputsize on the sbsrender command line. What is set as parent size in substance designer does not matter at that point.

Different engines have different maximum resolutions. The default engine can only render at 2048x2048 so you need to switch to a gpu engine if you want to go higher than that.

Some shells (powershell and bash among others) associates the $ character with special properties and it needs to be escaped.


Escape using '

--set-value '$outputsize@5,5'

Bash (linux and mac)

Escape using \

--set-value \$outputsize@5,5

Note that if you are using the python subprocess module (like our examples) to call sbsrender this is handled for you automatically.

Q: How fix "Parsing error [...]" during mesh baking on Linux (mostly debian based distrib)?

Depending on the Linux version it's possible to have a flow of error during the use of sbsbaker, i.e:

Parsing error:
  Invalid normal
line 898254 => vn 0.1030 0.9821 0.1574

To fix this issue an environment variable can be set: