The Samples

Texturing Template Demo

The template demo demonstrates how to apply materials using object specific maps on a set of 3D models.

Batch Tools Demo

The batch tools demo is a general overview of the different features in the batch tools.


The variations demo shows how a single procedural .sbs file can be used to render out a lot of randomized permutations.

Texture Mat

Texture Mat is a sample showing how to Automatically texture a model using the Python API and Command Line Tools.

Pixel Processor Ray tracer

The pixel processor ray tracer uses the Python API and the sbsMath library to generate a complex pixel processor node that ray traces a sphere

How to find the Automation Toolkit Samples

The batch tool samples are installed in slightly different locations based on platform:


The samples are located in

C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Automation Toolkit\


In the samples directory of the tar.gz file is unpacked.


On OSX the samples are installed in /Applications/Substance Automation Toolkit/Samples. It's recommended that you copy them to a local directory before running them since that location is not writable which causes issues running the samples.

Python API

The Python API package comes with example content. The demos are described in the API documentation.


Substance Maya Toolset