API Content

Substance definition

  • common_interfaces module: Common interfaces
  • sbsarchive module: Substance archive definition (.sbsar)
  • substance module: Substance definition (.sbs)
  • graph module: Graph and Function definition
  • compnode module: Compositing node definitions
  • params module: Parameters definition (dynamic or constant)
  • sbscommon module: Common classes related to SBS package
  • mdl module: MDL graph definition and all objects related to MDL
  • sbspreset module: Substance preset definition (.sbsprs)
  • sbsproject module: Substance Designer project file management (.sbsprj) Project Manager How To



  • autograph module: Automatic generation and layout of graphs: easier way to create function graphs using arithmetic operators
  • sbscleaner module: Substance cleaner: allows to clean useless parameters and nodes of graph and function
  • sbsexporter module: Substance exporter: used to export a .sbs file with its dependencies into a self-contained package
  • sbsgenerator module: Substance generator helper
  • sbsimpactmanager module: Allows to propagate changes made on a Substance to all its references in a particular tree
  • sbsparser module: Substance parser: used to deserialize a .sbs file
  • sbswriter module: Substance writer: used to serialize SBSDocument into a .sbs file
  • psdparser module: Adobe Photoshop Document (.psd) file parser
  • batchtools module: Utilities to call the Substance Batchtools

Execution context

  • context module: Execution context
  • functions module: Entry point for functions called by Substance Designer