Pysbs - Python API

Welcome to Pysbs documentation, the Python API for .sbs files !

Pysbs provides a way to get information on substances (.sbs and .sbsar files), and to generate or modify substances without using Substance Designer Application, but by scripting in Python.

The API can be used for different purposes related to creation content pipeline and automation, for instance:Dependency and asset managementSubstance variation creationSubstance automatic generation using bakers output map for instance

The API allows to reading both .sbs and .sbsar files.
It allows starting from scratch to create a new .sbs file, including the creation of compositing graphs with basic filters, instance of graphs, reference to bitmaps, pixel processor and the definition of the inputs and outputs.
The input parameters of the graph can also be specified, including the widget definition.
The node parameters can be tweaked, and they can be set as dynamic, by creating the function that handles the parameter value.
Function graphs can also be created, and can be referenced in another function or dynamic parameter or Pixel processor function.

This API can also be used to modify existing substances, to script the modification to apply on substances instead of doing them manually.
In particular, it allows creating an iteration of a node or of a pattern, inside a graph or a function.

Pysbs is the Python API for .sbs files.
It exposes all the graph editing capabilities of Substance Designer programmatic way allowing to create custom graphs for pipeline use.