Command Line Tools

The Substance Automation Toolkit contains a set of command lines tools allowing you to automate many stages of the Substance Designer workflows. A complete workflow typically involves multiple tools being invoked in chain to accomplish the task. 

The available commands are:

  • sbsbakerBakes out mesh specific data such as ambient occlusion or normal data to textures.
  • sbscookerCooks .sbs files to .sbsar files ready to be rendered with sbsrender.
  • sbsmtoolsExport model graph from .sbs to geometry files, .fbx, .obj or .sbsm
  • sbsmutatorModifies and specializes .sbs files.
  • sbsrenderRenders out maps from .sbsar files.
  • sbsupdaterUpdates .sbs files to the current version of the batch tools

To see how the commands work together, visit the samples page