In: Tools


The Warp filter allows you to warp your material based on a number of generated noises.


Basic parameters

  • Random Seed:
    The random seed determines the random values of other parameters that use randomness in this filter.
  • Noise Selection:
    Select which noise to base the warp on. Different noises can create different effects.
  • Noise Scale: 0-10
    Adjust the scale of the source noise. The noise will always tile.
  • Type
    Select which method is used to warp the material. If Directional Warp or Multi Directional Warp are selected, an additional parameter will appear:
    • Warp Angle: 0-1
      Adjust the direction along which the warp happens
  • Intensity: 0-1
    Adjust the strength of the warp.
  • Custom Noise: toggle
    Enable to use a custom noise instead of the selection under Noise Selection. Available parameters will change based on whether Custom Noise is enabled or disabled. If enabled, the following parameters will appear:
    • Custom Noise Blur: 0-1
      Blur the custom noise
    • Custom Noise: image/brush
      Import a custom noise map to use as the warp source.
  • Warp per channel: toggle
    When enabled, additional sections will appear to control the warp of each channel independently. For each channel the following parameters are available:
    • Channel name: toggle
      Toggle whether this channel is impacted by the Warp filter.
    • Blending Mode
      Select how the results of the warp for this channel are blended with the underlying layer
    • Opacity: 0-1
      Change the opacity of the filter results for this channel.