Viewer Settings panel

From the Viewer Settings panel, you can configure the 3D and 2D views.

Global Parameters

Global parameters don't impact your project but change aspects of Sampler.

  • Default Textures: Select whether base materials appear rough or reflective.


The tiling options define how your textures are tiled on the 3D mesh. There are 3 options to adjust tiling:

  • Offset
  • Rotation
  • Tiling

You can also adjust the texture scale with the Tiling shortcut at the lower right of the 3D view.


Select the 3D mesh used in the 3D viewport. 

If you select the Preview Sphere or Mat mesh an option for AO mixing mode will appear. You can set the AO mixing mode to either replace or multiply the mesh AO with the material AO.


Choose from a list of environment maps or import your own.

Sampler supports EXR and HDR images for environments. Image dimensions have to be a power of 2 (512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8112). It is highly recommended to avoid using low dynamic range images for environment maps.

Adjust the display of the environment with the controls in the Environment section:

  • Environment Visibility: Toggle the environment on or off in the 3D viewport.
    • With Environment Visibility toggled off you can change the background of the 3D viewport using Background gradient top, and Background gradient bottom.
    • With Environment Visibility toggled on, you can adjust the opacity of the environment.
  • Environment Rotation: Rotate the environment around the mesh. This is useful to quickly vary lighting of your assets.
  • Environment Intensity: Adjust the strength of the light output by the environment. 


Change camera projection settings:

  • Perspective: Objects far from the camera appear smaller than objects nearby.
  • Orthographic: An object will appear the same size no matter how far it is from the camera.

With perspective projection selected you can adjust the Field of view. The Field of view slider is also available at the lower right of the 3D view.