Version 4.1

Substance 3D Sampler 4.1.0 introduces new content with the Paint Warp filter and an improved version of the Embroidery filter. This update includes some 3D Capture improvements.

Release date: 28 March, 2023

Paint Warp

The Paint Warp filter lets you warp materials by drawing curves on the 2D view.
The Straighten option lets you realign materials for an easy seamless tiling workflow.


The new Embroidery generator lets you create embroidery patches from a single image, vector file or a drawing.
It can embroider up to 6 colors and combines several stitching technics.


Release Note

4.1.0 Cannoli

(Released 28 March, 2023)


  • [Content] New Embroidery filter
  • [Content] New Paint Warp filter
  • [UI] Add Export option in File menu
  • [3D Capture] Back button is now available on the alignment step
  • [3D Capture] Images Handle JPEG EXIF orientation
  • [3D Capture] Scripting - New property
  • [3D Capture] Add Linux support (see documentation)
  • [3D Capture] Verify read access of the imported images
  • [Onboarding] Learn - 2 new tutorials (Embroidery and Paint Warp)
  • [Onboarding] Updated What's New content


  • [3D Capture] Keep camera position when changing version
  • [3D Capture] Merge all groups of an object into one
  • [3D Capture] Renamed generated meshes into Original
  • [Application] Crash when trying to generate thumbnail of a non-existent image
  • [Assets] Trash bin icon does nothing in the Assets panel
  • [Content] Updating filters with material slots doesn't work as expected
  • [Export] Possible crash when exporting an asset with specific filters
  • [Export] SBS/SBSAR Export - image import layers had priority over image parameters
  • [Export] UE4 Export preset doesn't work with PNG
  • [Layers] Crash when dropping a material and a filter at the same time from OS explorer
  • [Layers] Crash when dragging any SBSAR file with any image file
  • [Layers] Embroidery opacity channel can be completely white
  • [Localization] Chinese language may be displayed by default on Linux
  • [Performance] Fixed a memory issue when removing a layer from an asset
  • [Project] Possible crash when saving
  • [UI] Add missing spacing on Version's menu button
  • [UI] Cancel button not properly displayed
  • [UI] Disable sliders animation for 3D Capture post-process parameters
  • [UI] The Material Creation Template window does not close itself when clicking outside
  • [UI] The filter quick accessor closes itself when clicking outside