Version 2020.1 (2.1)

Substance Alchemist 2020.1 "Tiramisu" lets you export your materials directly packed for renderers and game engines. By default 15 export presets are available such as Unity HDRP, Unreal Engine 4, Blender, Vray-Next, and more. It features a new configuration file and controls for the update checker.

Release date: March 12, 2020

Major Features

New Exporter Window

The export window has been reworked to introduce a new interface which has several new features:

  • Use export presets to pack textures for a specific renderer or game engine
    It is now possible to choose during the export process a configuration among a list of export presets that convert, pack and name the textures for a specific 3rd party application. The result of this conversion is displayed in the channel list on the right of the interface.
    The new exporter includes the following presets by default:
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • Unity Standard
    • Unity HDRP
    • Blender Cycles/Eevee
    • Arnold 5
    • Corona Render
    • Enscape
    • Keyshot 9
    • Redshift
    • Vray Next
    • Lens Studio
    • Spark AR Studio
    • PBR Specular/Glossiness from PBR Metallic Roughness

  • Create a subfolder with the name of the material
    When exporting multiple materials to a common location, it is now possible to create a subfolder

  • Export settings are saved and restored with the next export
    To make things convenient, re-opening the export window will also re-use the previously used export settings. Making it easier and quicker to re-export a material.

  • Create, import and manage custom export presets
    It is also possible to create custom export presets. To learn how to create and manage them take a look at the following documentation pages:

Application Configuration

(Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash)

It is now possible to configure Substance Alchemist with a configuration file. This makes the setup of the application easier across computers, such as within a studio for example. The configuration files defines the default resources and the list of linked folders.

To learn more how to create and use a configuration file see the dedicated documentation page.

Miscellaneous Improvements

A few new workflow improvements are available in this release:

  • Focus of 2D view
    It is now possible to use the "F" shortcut to reset and center the 2D view, same as with the 3D view.

  • Reopen last project
    To make content creation easier and faster, the application now reopens the last used project. The Create lab is now also the default mode when opening the application.

  • Update Checker configuration
    Define if you want to be notified if a new version is available. For more information see the dedicated documentation page.

New Content

We improved some filters and also updated the starter content:

  • New Starter Materials
    We replaced a few existing materials by new ones, here is the list of the new materials:
    • Alcantara Microfiber
    • Carpet Floor
    • Cliff Rock
    • Copper
    • Cracked Dirt
    • Roughcast
    • Terracota
    • Wool Fabric
    • Woven Fabric

  • Metallic control with Bitmap 2 Material filter
    The Bitmap 2  Material filter has been updated to offer more control over the metallic channel. It is now possible to use a custom bitmap input for it or to define an uniform color.

  • Improved Adjustment filter
    The Adjustment filter can now work with project set to use the PBR workflow Specular/Glossiness.

  • New Atlas Scatter parameters
    We added a few new parameters to offer better control on how the elements blend with height map of the material below.


This release comes with a new set of entries in our tutorial to begin with Substance Alchemist:

Release Notes

2.1.0 Tiramisu

(Released March 12, 2020)


  • [Export] Export preset selction to pack your textures for renderers and game engines
  • [Export] Export preset to Unreal Engine 4
  • [Export] Export preset to Unity Standard
  • [Export] Export preset to Unity HDRP
  • [Export] Export preset to Blender Cycles/Eevee
  • [Export] Export preset to Arnold 5
  • [Export] Export preset to Corona Renderer
  • [Export] Export preset to Enscape
  • [Export] Export preset to Keyshot 9
  • [Export] Export preset to Redshift
  • [Export] Export preset to Vray Next
  • [Export] Export preset to Lens Studio
  • [Export] Export preset to Spark AR Studio
  • [Export] Export preset to PBR Specular Glossiness from PBR Metallic Roughness
  • [Export] New export UI
  • [Export] Remember Export settings
  • [Export] Import and manage your custom export presets
  • [Export] Delete and replace your custom export presets
  • [Export] Rename your custom export presets
  • [Export] Set the default export resolution to the current resolution
  • [Export] Add the choice to create a subfolder to the export location
  • [Export] Warning message before replacing existing files
  • [Application] New version numbering scheme
  • [Application] Open Create at launch, and change labs order
  • [Welcome Screen] New welcome banner
  • [Project] Open last project at launch
  • [UI] New combo box style
  • [2D view] F shortcut to focus in the 2d view
  • [Filters] Added support for alchemist::parameterVisibility tag in Substance graphs
  • [Filters] Have a global tweak to manage parameter visibility based on your workflow
  • [Resources] New command line option to setup resources and linked folders with a configuration file
  • [Version checker] Configuration of the version check
  • [Content] New starter materials
  • [Content] Bitmap to Material - Add the possibility to define the metallic channel (uniform, custom image import, color picking)
  • [Content] Adjustment - Add the support of the PBR specular/glossiness workflow
  • [Content] Atlas Scatter - New parameters


  • [Project] Crash when importing the same project twice
  • [Project] Fixed crash when importing and opening projects several times
  • [Application] Crash when loading an unnamed material
  • [Application] Recognize missing files when re-importing them
  • [Application] Fix random crash on shutdown
  • [Application] Fixed rare crash when unloading an material in Create
  • [Application] Fixed random crash when using UI controls
  • [UI] Export panel has the wrong size when you open it in Create
  • [UI] Open project with a single click
  • [UI] Correctly set minimum and maximum slider values
  • [UI] Show label of the channel usages instead of ids
  • [UI] Clicking a material always opens/closes the tweak panel
  • [UI] Fix hidden layers colors
  • [UI] Welcome Screen buttons improvements
  • [Layers] Less unnecessary recomputes
  • [Layers] Crashes when using Clone Patch
  • [Layers] Selecting an image import layer no longer triggers a compute
  • [Channel settings] Enabling or disabling usages now trigger a rendering
  • [Resources] Prevent freeze when mass clicking on a stack in the library
  • [Resources] Performance hit when re-adding a previously added linked folder
  • [Resources] Fixed a crash when trying to open a deleted .sbsar file
  • [Performance] Avoid loading materials to access their parameters
  • [Performance] Backup assets only when used in a project or in an authored material
  • [Export] Fixed materials in export queue sometimes skipped or exported with wrong parameters
  • [2D View] Restored pan and zoom
  • [Content] Parquet Pattern takes into account the Ambient Occlusion channel
  • [Content] Paint - Display mask input when enabling custom mask
  • [Content] Stonewall Pattern - Remove possible banding effects in the normal map
  • [Content] Height Modulation - Correct double base color entries in the 2d view

Known Issues:

  • Content Aware Fill filters are slow in high resolution
  • Use of multiple delighters in one material is not recommended
  • Delighter crashes with older NVIDIA drivers (Less than 400.x)
  • Coma or point can be ignored when typing a specific evalue in a slider