Update Checker

The Update window indicates if a new version of Substance Alchemist is available and displays as well the latest Release Notes.

This window automatically appears during the startup of Substance Alchemist if a new version is available to download.

It is possible to avoid displaying this window during the startup with the following methods:

  • Use the "Don't remind me until next version" setting in the window to temporarily skip the display of the window until the next version.
  • Disable the "Check for updates" setting in Edit > Preferences > Check for updates
  • Using the command line --skip-version-check It won't check if a new version of the application is available when Substance Alchemist is starting up
  • Using an environment variable SUBSTANCE_ALCHEMIST_SKIP_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES: Value 0 or 1 (1 = Disable update check)

Supported since Substance Alchemist 2020.1 (2.1)