Sampler has two sidebars, the left sidebar and right sidebar.

The left sidebar holds:

  • The Get content button: import assets directly to the layer stack or to the Assets panel, or visit Substance Source to get more assets.
  • Quick access buttons to add filters to the layer stack:
    • Crop: Crop images and materials using handles in the 2D view.
    • Perspective transform: Correct perspective errors with handles in the 2D view.
    • Transform: Resize images and materials with handles in the 2D view.
    • Clone stamp: Paint areas in the 2D view to fix seams or other issues.
  • The following panels when they are closed:
    • The Project panel.
    • The Assets panel.
    • The Viewer Settings panel.
    • The Shader Settings panel.
    • The Channel Settings panel.

For more information on the filters available from the left sidebar, go to Tools and Widgets.

The right sidebar holds the following panels when they are closed:

  • The Layers panel.
  • The Properties panel.
  • The Exposed Parameters Panel.
  • The Physical Size panel.
  • The Metadata panel.
  • The Share panel.