Share panel

he Share panel is where you can export your assets as general files or send assets directly to other applications.

Send to...

The Send to... options allow you to directly send your asset to other applications installed on your system. This is generally much faster than importing and exporting assets.

Currently Sampler supports sending to:

  • Substance 3D Painter: import materials and environments that you can use while texturing your assets.
  • Substance 3D Stager: imports environment lights to change the mood of your scene. Only available with environment lights, disabled for materials.

Materials are always sent as SBSAR, environments as EXR.


Click Export as... to export the asset you're currently working on. In the window that appears there are some options to adjust your export:

NameChange the name of your asset.
Destination pathChange the save location.
FormatChoose whether to export as an SBS, SBSAR, or as a collection of images. For more information on formats, go here.
PresetSelect a preset to automatically organize your export for a specific application. From here you can also manage and import presets. For more information on presets go here.
ResolutionChange the resolution of your export. 
ChannelsToggle which channels should be exported as part of your asset.

For more information on the Export dialog options and other information like file formats, see the Export article and its sub-article on the Export Window.

Once you're happy with the export settings, click Export. Your export will appear in the export queue which shows a list of recent exports. Click the folder icon on any export to open the file location of that export.