Shape Light

In: HDRI Tools


Create a light in the shape of a rectangle or disc.


Basic parameters

  • Shape Color Mode
    Select which method to use to determine the light's color. Available parameters will change based on this selection.
    • Temperature (Kelvin)
      • Temperature: 1000 - 27000
        Adjust the temperature of the light.
    • RGB
      • Color: color select
        Select the color of the light.
    • Image Input
      • Shape Image Input: image/brush
        Import an image to use as the color. You can use the brush tool to paint directly in the 2D view, but this can have unpredictable results with this filter.
  • Hotspot Exposure (EV): 0-10
    Adjust the exposure of the hotspot. The hotspot can sometimes be difficult or impossible to see - in a new Shape Light filter set the Shape Temperature to 1000 and the Hotspot Exposure (EV) to 10 to see the hotspot in the center of the shape.
  • Shape:
    Set the shape of your light.


  • Hotspot Position: 0-1
    Offset the hotspot's position
  • Matrix Offset: -2 to 2
    Change the position of the shape light. You can also drag the light in the 2D view to reposition it.


  • Shape Exposure (EV): 0-10
    Adjust the exposure of the light
  • Shape Hardness: 0-1
    Soften the edges of the light
  • Hotspot Size: 0-1
  • Hotspot Falloff: 0-1
    Adjust the softness of the edges of the hotspot.


  • Background Gamma:
    Select the color system used to determine background Gamma.