Use the Preferences menu to make sure Sampler matches your needs.

Use Edit > Preferences to access the Preferences menu.

The following options are available:

  • Interface
    • Language
      Sampler currently supports the following UI languages
      • American English
      • French
      • German
      • Japanese
      • Simplified Chinese
  • Project
    • Normal format
      Set the normal format used in the application.
  • Cache
    Use these settings to update cache locations.
    • Path for cache of rendered textures
    • Path for cache of thumbnails. 
  • Color Settings
    • Experimental Spot Colors Picker
      Enable or disable the experimental color picker wherever a color select parameter appears. The experimental color picker allows you to pick colors directly from a collection of PANTONE swatches.
  • Resources
    • Thumbnail Quality
      Adjust the quality of thumbnails in the Assets panel. Decreasing thumbnail quality can improve thumbnail loading times.
  • Updates
    • Check for updates at startup
      Choose whether to check for updates whenever you launch Sampler.