Physical Size Panel


The Physical Size Panel is where you can configure the real-life physical size of your scanned samples and images.

Match the real-life physical size of your scanned samples and images in a digital context to create physically accurate visuals across applications. 
The following tools and parameters let you define the physical size of your materials and
 create accurate and realistic visuals when applying material on an object. 

To set the Physical size

To set the Physical size of your material, you need to have an image(s) import layer.

Set physical size

Enable or disable the physical size.
In order to compute the physical size of your sample/image you have to enable the physical size.

Input image size

This section lets you set manually the size of your sample. It also gives you tools to automatically calculate the physical size.

Reference layer: Reference the image from which the physical size is calculated.
Width (X): Set the physical width of the reference layer
Height(y): Set the physical height of the reference layer

Measure diagnostics allows you to measure the distance between two points on your image (for informative purposes only).

 Auto measure tool allows you to get an estimated physical size of your sample based on the image metadata (dpi). This method de is accurate only with scanned sample.

 Measure tool allows you to calibrate the physical size by designating the physical distance between two features of the sample. Usually the best method to calculate the physical size of your sample.

3D mesh surface

These tools let you set the aspect of the surface of your material.

Physical scale: Enable or disable the physical scale. The physical scale is the circumference of the mesh along the three axes.
Scale your material with physical values. Manipulating the width (X) the Height (Y) and the Depth (Z).
Texture tiling: Set the tiling of your material

Output material

Help you visualize the output of your material with its real life aspect.

Display with physical ratio: 
The display in the 2D viewport respects the physical ratio.
Height scale: Set/calculated from the 3D viewport based on the physical scale.